kottiyoor Devaswom

Fact That Need Special Mention

  • Days of Yaga Utsavam is accounted as per the Usha pooja and nivedyam. Though the festival is for 27 days. “Ushapooja” is only on 24 days.
  • The quantity of nivedyam is never increased as per the increase in number of devotees.
  • Ganapathi homam is performed every morning.
  • At the site of Sati Devi’s Suicide, Ammarakkal, no poojas are performed - only pushpanjali and nivedyam.
  • In Kottiyoor temple, Punyaham is never performed whatever happens.
  • Palamrithu, brought in by Babooralar is served water by Brahmins along with his meal.
  • ‘Ashtamangalyam is performed only on Makam , Pooram and Uthram days, five times.13/4 Ser of rice, coconut, jaggery, and bananas are the incrediants Ocher, Nallooraan, Aashaari, have right to this.