kottiyoor Devaswom

Vaal Madakkam

kottiyoor Devaswom

The Sword of 'Bagavathi' which is brought from Muthirerikkavu on 'Neyyattam' day has to be returned. On this day sword is taken to the Manithara and for few seconds keeping it in the 'naalam' next to 'Swaymboo' and it is taken from there with fist full of 'thulasi', the bearer need to run towards Muthirerikkavu. This rite is called 'vaal madakkam'

Once the sword is returned, ‘Trichandana” abhishekam is performed on the sacrificial idol at Ammarakkal thara. Trichandana powder is brought by 'Kudipathikal'. Abhishekam is performed by Padinjitta. Next the Aacharyan performs the Yathra Bali. As a leave taking rite. This is followed by sprinkling of rice at designated places.

Before the above ritual, the return of Bhandaram procession takes place. Idols are immersed in Vaveli before the return journey. Sprinkling of rice takes place from Kallanthode in the east to Pmbarappan thode in the west.

After the 'yaatrabali' Bhandaram is returned to Manathana.

Next day its Chothi again. Padinjitta and Ushakaambram together cover the Swayamboo with Ashtabandham. The first half is performed by Ushakaambram and the next half by Padinjitta. A big vessal of rice nivedyam is offered. This is for Ottappilaan. Once the Swaymboo is completely covered, no one stays back at Akkere . None enter this holy place till the next year.

Only the major poojas and rites have been mentioned. Many more rites and poojas take place before, after and concurrent to these, But going into details of each and every rite and pooja at Kottiyoor would be almost impossible and so have been omitted.